Fauci Admits Covid Vaccine Doesn't Work

Lockdowns Spawn Viral Variants Unfazed By Vaccine

For the last year, global leaders, influential private citizens, and the mainstream media have been telling us that lockdowns and closures would only be necessary until vaccines were developed. In a stunning reversal, Dr. Fauci admitted that the experimental vaccines currently being injected into millions of people are only effective against the original, "wild type" of Covid-19, not the variants that have emerged as a result of the lockdowns.

Dr. Knut Wittkowski, an epidemiologist who opposed the lockdowns from the beginning, has explained in several interviews that slowing the natural spread of a respiratory virus inevitably leads to strains that are resistant to both post-infection immunity (people who have already had Covid), and the vaccine.

This is not a scientifically controversial position (although the mainstream media has ignored it). Geert Vanden Bossche, a virologist and former vaccine developer for the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, has also sounded the alarm bell about "viral escape" caused by virus mutations that evolve to avoid human immunity.

In a Senate hearing during which Senator Rand Paul pressed Fauci on why vaccinated people should still wear masks, Fauci revealed that a Johnson and Johnson study found that "people who were infected with wild type, and were exposed to the variant in South Africa, it was as if they had never been infected before." He also stated that the vaccine provided 2 to 8 times less protection against other strains.

"If I vaccinate you or me against the wild type, we get a certain level of antibody that's specific to a particular viral strain. If there's a circulating variant, you have some spillover immunity, but you diminish by anywhere from two to eight-fold the protection."

-Dr. Anthony Fauci

When Dr. Fauci listed the origins of these variants, it sounded like a list of the most aggressive lockdown locations: "We're having a dominance of 117, which was the original UK. We have a very troublesome variant in New York City, 526. We've got two variants in California, 427 and 429, and we have a number of others."

According to Dr. Wittkowski, this vicious cycle of lockdowns giving the virus time to mutate and "escape immunity" will continue as long as the lockdown strategy is continued. "Every form of mitigation, from wearing masks to lockdowns to border closings, delays the spread of the virus, and that gives the virus more time to mutate. So, we are incubating the next virus that then causes another series of lockdowns."

Although Wittkowski was banned from social media for heresy, his observations - although not his conclusions - are seeping into mainstream discourse. A recent editorial in Bloomberg concluded, "With coronavirus mutations pitted against vaccinations in a global arms race, we may never go back to normal ... We're in for seemingly endless cycles of outbreaks and remissions, social restrictions and relaxations, lockdowns and reopenings. At least in rich countries, we will probably get vaccinated a couple of times a year, against the latest variant in circulation, but never fast or comprehensively enough to achieve herd immunity."

This approach is not only dismal, it is doomed to failure. Put simply, lockdowns give the virus time to evolve variants, against which the vaccinated and previously infected have no immunity. This means that Dr. Fauci and the medical establishment have now created a Catch-22 for the entire world. They are insisting on mass vaccination with experimental drugs of unknown long-term effect, while admitting that the vaccines will not prevent the spread of Covid variants. This means more masks and lockdowns; the masks and lockdowns will encourage more variants to emerge, and until we break the cycle, there is no way out.