Banned Doctors Vindicated By New Research

Dr. Daniel Erickson and Dr. Knut Wittkowski

After being silenced for "spreading misinformation," Dr. Erickson and Dr. Wittkowski are being proven correct.

In April of 2020, emergency physician Dr. Daniel Erickson and bio-statistician Dr. Knut Wittkowski stood virtually alone in opposition to the COVID-19 lockdown and media-driven hysteria. They have now been proven correct.

Despite excoriation from journalists, criticism from other doctors, and censorship by YouTube, Dr. Wittkowski and Dr. Erickson's contrarian, evidence-based message reached a wide and receptive audience.

Their main points - explained at length in a series of videos were as follows:

  • COVID-19 is more contagious and less deadly than initially thought, with a CFR (Case Fatality Rate) comparable to the seasonal flu.
  • The lockdown and efforts to "flatten the curve" do more harm than good.
  • Protecting the vulnerable (the elderly and those with serious existing conditions) would save more lives than quarantining the general public.
  • In the absence of intervention, respiratory viruses have a typical life-cycle of 4 - 6 weeks.
  • Allowing children to continue their normal school & play routines quickly establishes herd immunity.

Although Sweden's chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, successfully cautioned his government against adopting a lockdown policy, American doctors willing to question the global lockdown were few and far between. Stanford University's Hoover Institution was the only major body to oppose lockdown policy, with Dr. Scott Atlas publishing editorials as early as April, forcefully questioning the direction of public policy.

At the beginning of May, dissent began to grow. English physician Dr. John Lee published an impassioned editorial stating that \"COVID is not, in fact, an extraordinarily lethal pathogen, just a nasty one, similar to many others,\" and giving ten reasons to end the lockdown.

Over the course of May, other voices joined the chorus, including physician and US Senator Rand Paul, a Philadelphia pediatrician who, along with other colleagues founded an organization called Restore American Communities Safely, and Dr. Elinore McCance-Katz, a psychiatrist with a PhD in infectious disease epidemiology and the US government's Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use. Most notably, a letter to President Trump warning that it was "impossible to overstate the harm" of the shutdown was signed by over 500 doctors.

New research by leading scientists indicates that Wittkowski and Erickson were far closer to the truth than the experts who criticized them.

  • The CDC has announced that 10 times more people have been infected than previously reported. This confirms Dr. Erickson's more-contagious-but-less-deadly hypthesis. The number of deaths relative to the number of infected people is quite low.
  • Dr. Elinore McCance-Katz is a US cabinet member, and a psychiatrist with a PhD in infectious disease epidemiology. In her expert opinion, stay-at-home practices take an unacceptable toll on the health of Americans, particularly young people.
  • Over 81% of those whose deaths are attributed to COVID were 65 years of age of older. In light of this, experts have been forced to admit that their one-size-fits-all mitigation approach has failed to protect the most vulnerable.
  • Pediatricians have reported that more children have died from the seasonal flu than from COVID. Meanwhile, a letter signed by over 500 doctors stated that "it is impossible to overstate" the harm from the shutdown.

COVID deaths by age

As it becomes increasingly obvious that COVID-19 will be around for a long time, Dr. Erickson and Dr. Wittkowski's proposals - largely echoed by an increasingly outspoken cohort of experts - begin to look much less like misinformation, and more like the only sustainable approach for a functional society.