Texas Doc: Asthma Medicine Being Used In Asia To Cure COVID

Dr. Richard Bartlett

A highly-respected Texas physician has announced that Budesonide, an inhaled corticosteroid commonly used for asthma treatment, is saving lives both in his private practice, and overseas.

According to Dr. Richard Bartlett, Budesonide is a respiratory anti-inflammatory medication, which is highly effective against COVID-19, which is a respiratory inflammatory disease. Dr. Bartlett credits this medicine for saving the lives of 100% of his COVID patients, and alleges that similar inhaled corticosteroids are being used successfully in densely-populated, low-fatality areas such as Taiwan, Singapore and Japan.

Dr. Bartlett has been treating patients successfully since March. His preferred form of administration is to use a nebulizer, rather than an inhaler. This dovetails with the growing consensus from researchers that COVID-19 is airborne, with tiny particles being inhaled into the upper respiratory system. His successful cures include a 50-year smoker, and a patient battling two forms of lymphoma.

Budesonide is an extremely safe medication. It has been used for over two decades on patients ranging from infants to fragile elderly to prevent asthma attacks. However, as a generic medication that costs roughly $200 for the entire cost of treatment, there is no incentive for large pharmaceutical companies to promote it.

Although the National Institutes of Health is testing Budesonide, Dr. Bartlett states that the study is set up to fail, because treatment is being withheld until patients are in critical condition. He recommends that early testing and early treatment are key, and condemns the social-distancing-and-masks approach which has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths in China, Italy, France, Spain and New York City.

Importantly, Dr. Bartlett notes that the success of Budesonide treatment means that there's no need to spend billions of dollars developing a vaccine; particularly because COVID-19 is a rapidly-mutating virus, which means that a vaccine developed today might not work tomorrow.

Dr. Bartlett has written a paper describing his findings, and including dozens of references to support his findings. It can be read here.